Tiny Detectives is Almost too Tiny to Function

HBO’s “Tiny Detective” starring miniature ponies actresses Ellen Page and Kate Mara is one of the most innovative and original shows to enter your living room since “Breaking Bad”.  Called “a realistic look into our legal system” and “small idea for a big audience” by the LA Times, the trailer steams away from the the male driven first season of”True Detective” and turns it into hilarity.

While the plot of this second season is less focused on bad guys, unexpected twists and romance, there will be heightened tension. Get it?

IMG_6479The trailer recently went immortal on Funny or Die, which means it will forever be on the internet long past the days of humans using the internet.

Molly Sims is Perfect and She Recently Shot Fall TV Preview

Molly+Sims+Victoria's+Secret+Model+(1) Last week Funny or Die shot “Fall TV Preview” starring Molly Simms and Dave Holmes.  As a former CBS employee, I can really appreciate a fall line-up featuring Horse Cops: Miami.

Side story, someone accidentally called me Molly on set and I’ve never been so flattered in my life.  I’ll never look like a super model and I’ve only semi accepted it.

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Bib + Tuck

bt-logo1I recently discovered Bib + Tuck after my best / alter ego Babe Walker couldn’t stop gushing about it.  It’s a blog that allows you to sell or buy vintage and designer clothes for 30-60% off its retail price.

I recently added a few of my own items that, due to  years of neglect in my closet, are looking for new owners.  My Marc Jacobs bracelet made editor’s pick, so needless to say, the people want what I have.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 2.43.35 PM

I’ve also added a Michael Kors top and Nasty Gal skirt.  For those of you who read #GIRLBOSS, this is how Sophia Amoruso founded Nasty Gal.  I would say I’m following in her footsteps.

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The Basic Bitch’s Guide to Properly Using BAE

BaeWhen bae first entered my life, I just assumed it was some Beyonce reference.  What could possibly be more important when saying “bae” than “Bey”?  Then I started seeing people like Kylie Jenner use bae, and then someone at work ironically started calling interns that and before I knew it, I was watching some super skinny chick walk down the street with a #BAE shirt.  Like most internet slang, cough SMH, bae is completely useless and a yet another word slowly destroying the English language.  Honestly, sometimes I’d rather speak a foreign language, like Arabic or Spanish, so I can completely avoid these stupid acronyms.  Just as I began to accept bae for what it was, I realized there was a world full of basic bitches misusing bae.  Being the Dan Rather of the basic bitch community, I created the Basic Bitch’s Guide to properly using bae so we can all move on with our lives.


The most important thing we all need to take away from this situation is Beyonce can and will only be referred to Queen B or Bey.  Never bae. She’s pissed and asks that we all continue to bow down.

tumblr_myzjm4NVyZ1s5lf2ro1_500Another really important part of the bae trend is to remember that both ghetto people and white girls aren’t the only ones who say bae.  Although they make up 98.97% of native bae speakers, there is that 1.03% of general population that uses bae.  The 1% includes cool moms and lazy people.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.42.44 PMJust as I was beginning to differentiate when people said “bae” from when they said “babe”, Pharrell had to pull a fast one and release this lyrically deceiving song and the most basic music video I’ve ever seen.  Was the inspiration my bedroom at 2 AM on a Saturday?  I would say the concept for this was not very BAE.

The more bae was in my life, the more basic being before anyone else seemed.

Sidenote: in case you’re from the planet Mars or above the age of 27, bae means before anyone else and I’m surprised you made it this far without googling it.

Back to bae.  You’ll put me before anyone else?  So if there is a train coming are you going to put me before anyone else like Frank Underwood did to Kate Mara’s character, who should have been named Kate Mara because I’ve never heard anyone refer to her as Zoe Barnes.

imatterMore importantly, I don’t want to be before just anyone.  Anyone sounds lazy and unimportant.  Like anyone can go to Florida.  Anyone can write a blog. Anyone can release a sex tape with Ray J and get a reality show.  There’s nothing special about being just anyone.


In case you’re still confused, you can use BAE in the following situations

  • if you’ve recently had your wisdom teeth removed and can’t say anything else
  • if you’re basic
  • if you want everyone to hate you
  • if you’re above the age of 40 and in denial about it
  • if you’re not a native English speaker

Here’s my brilliant plan, I’m going to start using BEE, Before Everyone Else.  I’m going to hashtag it in instagrams, get it as a wrist tat and live everyday like I’m Glen Coco.  Later BEEsies.  Ugh, I love it already!

Bow Down BEES!



One night, a guy asked me where I was currently working.  Normally, people are excited or intrigued when I respond with Funny or Die, but this guy was so unimpressed he responded with, “so you just make youtube videos all day?”  When I asked him what he did, I tried to act equally unimpressed when he said Med school.  So you just sit around in a white coat and date other doctors?  I’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy, I know how these things work.

A few weeks ago Funny or Die shot “Snackpacolypse” starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Tyler Posey (who is awesome) and Michelle Obama as part of her Let’s Move! campaign.  Still unimpressed?  If you are, then there is just no pleasing you.


Kids ODing on junk food after a food fight. Awesome set, horrible to clean up.


Clark Duke’s President for President sign.


Clark Duke promising kids orange soda from the drinking fountain

Check out Snackpacolypse and let me know what you think!

Who Wore It Better: People We Want to Go Away Edition

Who Wore It Better?

bieber-mugshot-400x500 hSXwMcPTX24w3gqUIlV1_Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.51.25 AM








Jan. 23 Justin Bieber is photographed at a Miami Police Station in an orange, cotton frock.  The singer/ narcissistic/ middle school drop-out paired the frock with a pair of white Adidas sneakers.  Bieber was asked to take off his sneakers during a full body pat down, which included a cavity search.  Bieber said he enjoyed his departure from his usual cotton wife beater/baggy jorts combo and was later overheard saying, “orange is the new black!”  Later in the afternoon, Bieber delighted inmates when took to the hallway to give his fiercest catwalk.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.58.20 PMThe orange frock, found in stores that carry Fruit of the Loom, sold out instantly.  Kate Middleton was rumored to have chucked her phone against a wall when she heard her order would take a minimum of six weeks.

Rick Perry took a different approach by keeping it politician casual as he was photographed on the red white floor of the Austin jailhouse.  Perry decided to ditch his normal “hip-stir” glasses or whatever that term the kids are using these days.  He also gives a less-than revealing smile to show he does not use botox and doesn’t look as creepy as Mitt Romney.  Perry later gave a surprise performance speech to a group of Texans.  While the crowd averaged 45-61 year old men and women, it had the same energy as Ed Sullivan’s studio the night 4 men with bowl cuts made their American debut.

Both chose a make-up free approach and “seem pretty content with their photos”. Perry noted, “I’m just so, so, so grateful I don’t have a double chin”.

Who do YOU think looked better?

15 Quotes Every Basic Betch Needs to Hear

Whenever my friends have a problem in their life, I find sending them random pictures or quotes, usually a combination of the two, really helpful.  They can find comfort and make it their phone background.  I just really love Pinterest and lying in my bed on a Friday night.  So here are 15 quotes every basic bitch needs to hear/ re-pin in order to live her life.  Also remember this is for my #basicbetchproblem girls, so if you’re looking for something more inspiring, go read an encyclopedia.

52ca6698ca858da37836b0c4ed916ed7 Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 2.25.47 PM

3050160937_RLLZ_1enhanced-buzz-25780-1376598349-5ff92b286bcd72f9b9d11465f480fc0e75606d9824878048f1017021d7a9a9aa7OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAd5fc03385075e4cb24aacc4ff4de24cf



People on Instagram Sing Sia’s “Chandelier”

It all started when I was trying to take a really cool picture of myself in reflection of the glass on my balcony.  It was pretty successful until I noticed my chandelier was in the background where the ocean should have been.

Obviously I #chandelier and upon exploring what that hashtag had to offer, I found so many great covers of the Sia song.  God Bless.

She was actually kind of good, but just not here.

I was nervous this girl was going to start screaming a la “Psycho Girl Tries to Sing I Will Always Love You”

C’est la Vie?

I really appreciated Tony’s cover because he accidentally harmonized with his cat in the end.

I’m pretty sure this is the guy from “Botched” who spent $100G trying to look like Justin Bieber.

Is this a guy or a girl?

Chandelier sounds weird on an organ.

Let’s just let the kid from Dance Mom’s do her.

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds Part II

The other night, someone told me about Thrinder, a Tinder like app that sets up threesomes. Besides throwing up in my mouth when she explained how you can meet someone based on similar fetishes, as if feet didn’t freak me out enough, you also have the choice of finding matches as a single person or a couple.  Move over Craig’s List Killer, there’s a new app in town.

Going back to a much more PG lifestyle, emember How to Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds? Well Tinder now has a sexual harassment lawsuit on their hands and I’m not surprised.  I’m much more into Hinge these days… JK! Hinge is super boring.

201-How-to-Lose-a-Guy-in-10-Days-quotesGirls get offended easily.

IMG_5423 IMG_5422The Proclaimers

IMG_5421Everyone should be somewhat familiar with the works of Usher Raymond.

IMG_5417 IMG_5420 Breaking Bad



IMG_5433And you suck.IMG_5476 IMG_5477 IMG_5479You can try Christian Mingle.