Los Angeles

Bio: My professor once told me if I were a celebrity, I'd be a gentile Sarah Silverman. I've always thought of myself as the third Olsen twin with the style of a modern Jackie O, but I'll take the comparison. I dubbed myself "Shitty Libby" in college, because I was the life of the party (in a non Amanda Bynes Twitter way). Sadly the twitter handle was taken by some betch who did not realize the significance and thus Schlibby was born. Schlibby continues to come around, but now limits her appearances. I am one of the few natural blondes in LA, originating from a state most Americans struggle to place on a map. I moved to LA in 2009 because I hate when the temperature gets below 70 and to attend Loyola Marymount University. I educated myself in Civil War reenactment (History) and sitting in Starbucks (Screenwriting). LA felt weird at first, people kept telling me I had a southern accent cause I said "y'all". You can find me in jorts (jean shorts) or a solid joutfit (jean outfit) cruising the streets of LA in a grey car with white stripes. The stripes came from an unfortunate encounter with a garage pole. I love America, which was only a problem when I attempted to sing the National Anthem at a karaoke bar in Rome. In 2008, I was fortunate enough to travel to Kenya, where I worked with HIV+ children as well as women using microcredits to support their families. In the summer of 2012, I spent two weeks mimicking the lifestyle of the Little Mermaid studying marine biology in Roatan, Honduras. After graduation I joined the ranks of the Red Coats, a common nickname for the pages at CBS. After 10 months of dressing like an adult lesbian, I moved on to Funny or Die. Aside from working, I spend a lot of time writing, doing improv at UCB and creating a webseries that I have yet to actually create. Now I've settled down near the beach, which I rarely get to enjoy because it's LA and I spend most of my time in traffic. For inquiries contact me at schlibbyblog@gmail.com

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