Los Angeles

Bio: I didn’t know I was funny until my sophomore year of college. I took myself very seriously and it wasn't until my screenwriting professor told me I reminded him of a gentile Sarah Silverman, that I realized I was about as edgy as The Used in 2002. I’d spent my life until that moment thinking of myself as the third Olsen twin and tried to dress like Jackie O, despite being vertically challenged. Schlibby or"Shitty Libby", was born in my college years, because I was the life of the party (in a non Amanda Bynes Twitter way). She's my alter-ego. She's unapologetic, like Rihanna. I am one of the few natural blondes in LA, originating from a state most Americans struggle to place on a map. I moved to LA to attend Loyola Marymount University where I studied in Civil War reenactment (History) and sitting in Starbucks (Screenwriting). I’ve been lucky to live a life where I get to travel, work in an exciting industry and can always find the humor in things. In 2008, I was fortunate enough to travel to Kenya, where I worked with HIV+ children as well as women using microcredits to support their families. In the summer of 2012, I spent two weeks mimicking the lifestyle of the Little Mermaid studying marine biology in Roatan, Honduras. After graduation I joined the ranks of the Red Coats, a common nickname for the pages at CBS. After 10 months of wearing a horrific red blazer, I moved on to Funny or Die where I became an intern turned freelancer. During a particularly slow week, I sat at home having a mid-mid life crisis. Blog posts with “Basic Bitch” in the title were getting significantly more views than anything else I was writing so I combined that concept with my go to improv character, Sydney Brisbane, and @basicbetchproblem was born. Now I've settled down by the beach, which I rarely get to enjoy because it's LA and I spend most of my time in traffic. For inquiries contact me at libbytdeleon@gmail.com.

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