#stressed not #blessed

tumblr_mvd0x3lrmn1qd9va9o1_500I’m insta-stressed.

I feel a lot of pressure to be perfect, not in real life, but on social media.  Take Facebook, is it just me or somewhere in the new Terms & Agreement does it state your profile pic has to be professionally done and  get 60 likes in the first hour (that’s a like per minute).  Does everyone have a friend with a Canon EOS to capture all these magical, candid, care-free moments for you to choose from?  Your photos are incredible, and then there’s me, a blurry picture where I  hammer a pen into a cork because desperate times call for desperate measures.  I love my picture, but I have to stay competitive with my super-fit and super photogenic sorority sisters… and those bitches from high school.  So now I get stressed because not only does my profile picture not seem “care-free” and “jealousy-enducing”, but as a college grad, it needs some semblance of professionalism so my boss doesn’t ask me “what kind of message” I want to send to my co-workers.  Sidenote: I blocked her.  I still need to post everything I’m doing to prove I have the lifestyle of the Jenners girls, the work ethic of Frank Underwood and Bad Girl Riri’s attitude. The icing on the cake is another girl got engaged and I really can’t deal with another 4,000 posts detailing every second of it.  There should be some sort of engagement-ettiquate class so your single friends don’t fantasize about breaking your ring with an ice pick.

happy-birthday-leighton-meester4Then there’s LinkedIn, which in all honesty, does anyone even care about your LinkedIn? I bet I could put “assistant to cat and professional poop thrower” and no one would bat an eye.  It’s all fun and games until I get requests from old acquaints who apparently run Goldman Sachs at 25 and didn’t need 4 google searches to correctly spell “acquaints”.  As I update my LinkedIn, which looks nicer than my actual resume, I add every highlight in my work career.  I’m talking babysitting in the 7th grade, for not just any family of 4, but the Vice President of the United States.  I mean no one is actually going to read this right?  They’re just going to look at the heading, find someone way to re-evaluate their self-worth and then move on.  It’s fine if I “babysat” Joe Biden’s kids, who are actually many years my senior.  What are you, some sort of fact-checking historian?

No you’re not.

I know this from reading your LinkedIn and then googling you to make sure you weren’t lying.  So in addition to adding details like, “worked with the entire cast of How I Met Your Mother“, which really means I saw them once on set, or currently dating Joseph Gordon Levitt, which translates to “held the door open”, I have become a professional bragger.  It is really #stressful to exasperate career highlights like this! I need a #vacation.

beyonce 2Speaking of #vacation, I see that you recently traveled to St. Kitts/ St. Barts/ St. Croix/ any beautiful island with “Saint” in the title, via your Instagram.  I thought the more followers I had, the more likes would come but that has proven to be the opposite. I get like no likes, ok like 15, and then stress out whether or not I should delete the photo because it’s embarrassing.  How stupid is that?! On a serious note, my blog’s instagram whose following consists of spammers and porn stars, gets more likes than most of my photos.   I am stressing out over my “popularity” on social media, which in no way is in direct correlation with my relationships in real life.  Rather, it’s a test to see how well my family, friends and co-workers can operate their smart phones.  Never mind that I’m probably the only person who looks at my own Instagram with any sort of critic, but who knows, I could have hidden enemies out there that thrive on the fact that I got 15 likes and they got 123.  It’s quality not quantity! Right?

Also when did everyone become a model?  I recently discovered you had a professional photographer around you at all times, but seriously, have you always had Kate Upton’s boobs and Britney’s abs circa 2003?  I was not aware that Victoria’s Secret could call you at any second and you’d be runway ready.  When did I become more Lena Dunham and less Brooklyn Decker?  The answer is birth.

kateuptonSo here I am stressing about my Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Instagram when I get a notification that my phone is almost out of memory and I can’t save  this super artsy pic of me next to some Venice graffiti, which would have gotten at least 40 likes.  Stupid iPhone!  I have no memory because I have 6, yes SIX, different Photoshop apps! It’s not just about taking a picture, it’s the ability to turn that picture of a piece of trash on the Venice boardwalk, add a fish eye, sharpen and filter it until it has the bright colors of the tropical island you were just traveling on and becomes something Francesca Eastwood would set on fire.

Annoyed, and trying to figure out how to take the perfect picture, I stumble onto Pintrest which apparently is not the same thing as Tumblr.

tumblr_n3qetrbn551sh7221o2_500Pinterest confuses me the most because it consists of beautiful models, cake and relationships advice.  It’s like how basic can you bitches get?  I already see enough couples making out on the beach in real life so seeing well dressed girls aimlessly walking on streets eating cronuts just annoys me. Attention world, if you are going to make the cronut recipe you saw on Pinterest, you are probably not going to look like the white girls in ridiculously skimpy bikinis next to it.

So now I’m back to Instagram because this super sunset with an Ernest Hemmingway quote might be the photo I’ve been looking for.  UPDATE: it’s not and everyone still looks like a model and averages 100 likes per photo.

Needing a laugh and a lot of wine, I turn to Vine.  Apparently EVERYONE is a professional comedian in addition to being a model, with a ridiculous resume, and a metabolism 4x faster than the normal rate.

HermionieI try to find some solace in Twitter, because I only use that for the news, but nothing is getting Favorited or Retweeted.  Then I realize the only things on my twitter account are retweets of @whitegrlproblems and me being drunk.  Did I mention I’m a basic bitch?

Now I’m back to Facebook to post a photo I not only Photoshopped, picstiched and Instagramed, but also emailed to myself due to the lack of memory on my phone.   My Instagram didn’t get enough likes, I’m not funny, my twitter is unoriginal, my Facebook picture don’t get the like per minute guarenteed in the new Terms & Agreement.  My phone is running out of battery in addition to memory because running all these stupid apps is a complete waste of energy, but, oh wait now I’m up to 30 likes so I am validated.

So forget having a successful career, making lots of money, financial independence, having a boyfriend, eating and exercising, having hobbies, playing sports, talking to people or anything interactive because my life is completely validated through my social media interactions or lack there of.  You can Google me and I come up.  Take that insta-slut!

farewell-cristina-yang-best-one-liners2Let me know if you find a good therapy app because I now lack the communication skills to tell a doctor of my growing anxiety. I can only text ,and honestly, I’m not getting a great wi-fi connection in here so it looks like I’ll be using SMS, which is #totes going to drag this conversation on by a good 10 minutes. Ugh. #FML

Flake by Jack Johnson

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 3.49.10 PM

I really can’t tell you how much flaky people annoy me.  Why bother to make plans or verbally commit if you know you’re not going to follow through.   Are you good for anything if you can’t keep your own word?  I really want to affirm my anger by italicizing words to insure my point gets across.  In fact, I am so fed up with a certain person that I changed his/her name to Biscuit in my phone because she is flakier than a home-made, butter milk biscuit.

I would love to get into specific stories, but apparently, a lot of people read my blog!  So in the interest of good internet shaming, I’m only going to mention vague flaky-related conversations that annoy me.

  1. Friends from out of town who say they are going to visit.  Stop telling me that you hate your cold winters and will visit Cali, only to not come and to continue to complain about the weather.  You had your chance.  You made your choice.  Cab your ass over to the airport or can it.
  2. Guys who can only communicate via text message.  Listen up, if we can communicate in person ie spend more than 7 minutes conversing with one another, I think you can manage a phone call.  I know things got weird on that last date when I described my beanie baby collection in agonizing detail, but don’t blow up my phone only to flake. I’m all for the “let’s hang out” text.  Thoughtful.  Nice.  Interested.  Until I read “next week”.  Are you so busy that you need to make plans at least a week in advance?  Are we automatically eliminating any free time in the next 7 days?  Is your secretary aware that you’re trying to pencil me in?  Obviously you have some sort of personal assistant if you are so important that you make plans weeks in advance.  Let’s not beat around the bush, you just say so it appears you made effort, but really are just hoping I’ll forget about it.
  3. People who say they will pick me up. I am still waiting.  This is also frustrating because I could have come to you and secondly, where are you?  If it’s inconvenient, just let me know.  I have other things I need to do like walk around my house with no pants.

It’s not that people back out last minute that bothers me, because we’ve all been there.  It’s the feeling that you weren’t important enough for someone to simply level with you that it just wasn’t going to work out.  It only takes 5.2 seconds to write a text, or Heaven forbid, call and say listen I’m sorry or if you’re a decent person ask for a rain check.  Also, it doesn’t rain in southern California so we need to work on that one.  Don’t give me the excuse, my phone died or we didn’t go out because news flash, I have Instagram too.  Maybe don’t suggest we hang out in the first place.  Honestly, you would not be hurting my feelings  and it’s very likely the feeling would be mutual.  Please don’t waste my time and more importantly please don’t get my hopes up.  I spend time getting ready and usually pump myself up for the night.  The real killer, might just be that somewhere, deep down inside, I was a little excited  and now feel disappointment and a little rejection, but just a little bit.

Here’s me having fun without you.

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DIY – Jewelry Organizaiton

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 10.19.39 PMPinterest has been known to give me two things: amazing ideas for DIY crafts, cute outfits and panic attacks.  The later happens quite frequently while pinning.  I realize I’ll never frolic in fields of grass with my sexy cowboy boyfriend.  How do people go on such extravagant trips to the most beautiful, and largely unheard of, places in the world?  And why hasn’t the “7 Steps to a Perfect Abs” given me a perfect abs?!  Countless hours were spent finding the perfect way to organize my jewelry.  I’m not completely satisfied, but here’s what I got so far.

1. Hang up those necklaces!  I realized my jewelry box was where beautiful necklaces went to die.  I bought a shadow box, hung up those necklaces, and when that looked to sparse, pushed in my earrings like tacks and hung up the rings below.  Simple, easy to look at and confused the hell out of guys cause “it was all just like, hanging”.  Well put.


A way to organize your jewels from the ears to the hands.

2. Stack your bracelets on a vase.  This idea popped into my head when I wondered what the heck I was going to do with the vases I made in my ceramics class.  Since humans no longer require hand crafted pots made out of clay in order to survive, it made perfect sense that I didn’t hallow out the inside of my “vases”.   Even though they were useless, I couldn’t part with them, so I turned them into a jewelry display.  They much more interesting to look at and was fun deciding which bracelets complimented each other when stacked.  It makes accessorizing in the morning that much easier.


3. If you’re preppy and you know it clap your hands.  I wouldn’t describe myself as preppiest person in the room, but by California standards, you might as well call me Lilly.  I have tons of Vineyard Vines koozis, Lilly Pulitzer croakies and a few hair bows.  It took me forever to discover a solution that allowed me to display these items in an organized fashion, until I found a wide mouth vase.   Throw in a few decorative rocks at the bottom and arrange a way!


This isn’t practical, but man did it get a lot of re-pins!

When you’re all done, you might have something that looks like this!

d2c44f70d46e11e193761231381b7339_7-1More to come!

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Trivia Newton John

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 12.49.34 AMWhat is the name of the fruit in Australia whose branches grow upwards?  Lisbon lemon.  Are we seriously expected to know that?

This man was born in Atlanta, but grew up in Chicago.  Not vague enough? Well the answer is Kanye West.

Identify the TV show based on a blurry black and white picture.  I tried, but I can’t.

Nothing says “I just graduated from college” like Wednesday night trivia.   What is more frustrating than spending $200,000 on an education only to find yourself debating whether an equilateral, geometric shape with all right angles is a square, because maybe it’s a trick question?  I’m still thinking…  In fact, I would actual argue that two hours of trivia at a local pub is equally as stressful as finals week, as emotionally draining as a break-up and eerily reminiscent to the morning after my 21st birthday (how do I get hungover from 2 beers?).   So here’s to you, the high school math teacher that hosts trivia, here’s to many more!

Top 5 Trivia Names:

1. We were meant to Triv for so much more, have we lost ourselves? Based on the song by Switchfoot.

2. Trivia Newton John, not to be confused with her co-star John Trivolta.

3. Love the life you Triv, Triv the life you love – every girl ever.

4. Triv and Let Die, a popular quote about life that Paul McCartney once said.

5. How do I Triv without you?  The answer is unknown.

Let me know if you can think of anymore names, we’re starting to run out.